Major Chords too happy? Chord substitution

As we all know, Major chords are happy in sound. Problem arises when you have a major chord in your composition which fits in well but brings in the happy element, which might not be the emotion that you want to evoke.

TIP: Use the sus4 chords instead

Which Sus4?
Step 1: Find out root note for the major chord. e.g. D for D major
Step 2: Find out the 5th note in major scale. D major scale = D, E, F#, G, A, B, C#. so 5th note is A
Step 3: Play the sus4 chord for that 5th note. Therefore, play an Asus4 instead of the D major

How to play sus4 chords? Identify the root note of the sus4 chord on the 6th string (say fret x) and play x,x,x+2,x+2,x,x.
e.g. Bsus4 = 7,7,9,9,7,7

Do let me know how you found this tip in the comments below. 

  Check out the Video Tutorial Here-


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