Lick Of The Week – 01

Try playing this riff on your own after listening to the audio in this lesson.

WHAT is this new series “LICK OF THE WEEK” all about?

Whether you play the guitar, keys, drums or even whistle, one skill that you need to work on, to excel as a musician is Ear training.

For me, that just doesn’t include being able to interpret sounds and play it back in yr mind, but also to be able to reproduce it on your instrument. This has various benefits from ability to understand music to appreciating the finer nuances in music while also being able to play better.
During a Skype class with a student, I came up with an idea to do a “weekly lick on the youtube channel”. The idea is to have just an audio of a lick played at normal tempo and then slowly and then reveal the same lick with tabs and how to play on another video, a couple of days later, so that you may check if you had figured it out correct.

This way not only do you develop your ear but also have a repository of licks that can be used during improvisation later on.

    Check out the Audio Here-


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