Valentine’s day Mashup #2 – Arijit Singh & Atif Aslam with 3 easy chords

Artist – Various
Tuning – Standard (EADGBE)
Tricky Chords – None
Strumming – D UDUD UDUDUDU
Capo – No



Mashups are a very interesting way of presenting many songs either on a common chord progression or a beat. And if the intent is to make it simpler for beginner guitar players, then the number of chords can be reduced to include just the tonic and a few more.

This is precisely what I have done with these songs sung by Arijit Singh and Atif Aslam. In an attempt to make the overall mashup playable by all, I have intentionally used only 3 chords for the entire set which are an D major, G major and A major.

Kindly note that in such an attempt when minimum number of chords are being used, the melody might need to be changed slightly to fit the song into the desired chord progression, but even with that, the whole mashup will be coherent with the original feel of these tracks. And that is something that you will notice in the video too.

Yes, it’s a pretty cool mashup with some equally cool songs that can be played by guitar players of all levels.

Hope you guys dig it!

Here’s the complete list of all 25 songs that have been used in this mashup over the chords Am and G.


Song list

(1) Sun Mere Humsafer - Akhil Sachdeva 
(2) Tere Sang Yara - Atif Aslam
(3) Jeena Jeena - Atif Aslam
(4) Piya Ore Piya - Atif Aslam 
(5) Soch Na Sake - Arijit Singh
(6) Dil Diyan Gallan - Atif Aslam
(7) Kabira - Arijit Singh
(8) Nazm Nazm - Arko
(9) Gerua -Arijit Singh & Antara Mitra

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