(Day 1) Week 1 Overview

Congrats on purchasing your first guitar. I hope that my complete guide on purchasing the guitar helped you in finding the perfect guitar for yourself.

Now is where the rubber hits the road.

This course has a total of 67 videos with bulk of the lessons being in Week 1. So obviously a lot of work needs to be done in the next 7 days.

Which is why I have made this quick video to share with you, all the topics that we shall be covering this week. Similarly before the beginning of every week, I shall share with you beforehand about what lessons you will be facing in the coming days.

Day wise breakup of what we shall do in Week 1

Day 1 will be primarily about knowing your instrument. So we shall cover topics like what are all the parts of a guitar, how does a guitar work which will cover both acoustic as well as electric guitar, the correct way to hold a guitar (yes there is a correct way and many incorrect ways which incidentally a lot of beginners fall for). We will also be covering the numbering of the strings, which will help us during the lessons as well as the exercises that we shall be doing later, the name of the guitar strings (which notes that are tuned to and some easy fun ways to remember them) and finally we shall take an in dept look at how to use the Guitar Tuner and the Metronome.

Yes that all is to be covered in Day 1. The thing is that most of these are lessons which you just need to view and understand without any kind of actual playing so I’m sure that covering them all in a single day won’t be difficult 🙂

Day 2 – is where we shall learn how to read guitar tabs (which is how we shall be representing all the exercises to be done in this course), the right way to hold a Guitar Pick, the 3 crucial right hand principles that I would like all of you to follow and then do some very important exercises to work on the right hand dexterity

Day 3/4/5 will be all about left hand exercises (10 in total) which I still continue to do after 20 years of playing. These are the foundational strength building workouts that will determine how comfortably you are able to finish this course.

Day 6 is when we shall learn how to read charts, understand strumming notations and learn out first chord along with a very basic strumming principle.

And finally on Day 7, we shall do another chord, strumming pattern and I will also give you some crucial tips on any important topic (which I would want you to see only during Day 7 and not before, haha) 🙂

Hope this overview helped.

Lots to be done folks.

See you in the shed!!!!


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