Thanks for checking this page out guys.

My Youtube channel and this website have taken me years of hard work (afterall figuring out content, buying recording equipment, making videos and editing take a lot of time). Even the beginner course that I am just launching, was earlier meant to be a paid course but then I decided to make it free to benefit as many people as possible. You will see the amount of effort that has gone into the making of this course as the other videos get released too.

My current plan is to currently put the website content and also the beginner course on an honour system. Where my belief is that if you like the content that I have been putting up so far, and believe that I have helped you in any way in your musical journey, then you will help donate whatever amount makes sense to you, to help this channel grow and have me upload lots more quality content in the days to come.

I am figuring out an easy way for you to make your donations and as of now, I have a Patreon Campaign, a PayTM number and an Indian bank account that I can share with you. No amount is small and will be great if you could contribute whatever is comfortable with you to help my channel grow.

  1. Patreon Campaign
  2. Paypal – adit.kundra@gmail.com
  3. PayTM number is 8054768677
  4. Bank Account details
    Account name : Adit Kundra
    Account number – 104401500669
    IFSC –  ICIC0003713
    Sec 40 branch, Chandigarh

Thank you guys!